Music, Audio Post, Video: Bob e Burnham’s career in audio and visual media spans 40 years and reaches around the globe. His work began in Denver in the late 60s, leading to more than fifteen years on a worldwide stage based in Los Angeles, and brought him home to the Colorado in the late 90s. He was chief engineer and sound designer for the international super-star and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte for 9 years. In addition, his eight year position as Line Producer and Director of Audio for the nationally syndicated E-Town Radio Show … featuring present day headlining, socially aware music artists, authors and activists on topics of environmental and social significance, as mix engineer for the live-to-air broadcasts on KUVO-FM, Denver, Colorado, recognized as the number one Jazz radio station in the US. His credits continue as Senior Recording Technician for the 2002-2003 seasons for Opera Colorado and presently in his fourteenth year with the Colorado Symphony.  Mr. Burnham has a list of top level credits that numbers in the hundreds. He is well known in the industry for his work in recording, production, and post-production, including soundtracks for mainstream Hollywood films, prime time television for the major networks, TV concert specials, live concert sound, CD/Record albums, and film scores. His unparalleled skills as a music producer and Audio Post Production artist will give any project in which he is involved world class production values.