Artist |  Project | Relationship | Label

Steve Stumbo,  In His Presence,  Engineer,  custom
Tom Ewing,  Sacred Place,  Engineeer, custom
Various,  For Your Glory,  Engineer,  March
Uslee Faangutu, All His, Engineer,  custom
Project Pat** , Mista Don’t Play , Engineer , Relativity
Three 6 Mafia** , 6661,  Engineer,  Relativity
The Subteens, Burn Your Cardigan, Producer/Engineer, Universal
Filthy Diablo,  Spoken In Tongues,  Producer/Engineer,  Zero Option
Western Mass Choir,  Jesus Loves Me, Engineer, Atlantic
The Chubbies, Your Favorite Everything, Co-Producer/Engineer, Sympathy
Mr. Quintron, These Hands of Mine , Co-Producer/Engineer,  Bulb Records
Tennessee Mass Choir,  We Beheld His Glory,  Engineer,  Reliant Records
Tear Da Club Up Thugs** , Crazy N Da Laz Dayz,  Engineer,  Relativity
Gangsta Boo ** , Enquiring Minds , Engineer,  Relativity
The Kaze * , Kamikaze,  Timez Up Engineer ,  Prophet
Indo-G,  Angel Dust,  Engineer,  Relativity
Three 6 Mafia *,  Da Unbreakables,  Engineer,  Relativity
Three 6 Mafia * , Popin’ My Collar(EP),  Engineer,  Loud/Sony Records
Three 6 Mafia ** , The End Part II…,  Engineer,  Relativity
Three 6 Mafia ** , Live By Yo Rep,  Engineer,  Relativity
Three 6 Mafia * , The End ,  Engineer,  Relativity
8-Ball **(x3),  Lost,  Engineer,  Suave House
Moses Tyson Jr.,  Music, Engineer, World Class Gospel
S.S.P.,  Stil, l Scandalous,  Engineer,  Scandalous Records
Ronnie Baker Brooks,  GoldDigger,  Engineer , Watchdog Records
His Hero Is Gone , Fifteen Counts of Arson,  Engineer,  Prank
Barristers , 2 Years In The Alley,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Bar Tab Records
Sunhouse,  Grapes,  Engineer,  Bootleg Records
ASI NISI MASA,  ASI NISI MASA,  Producer/Engineer,  10 Hundred
Oblivians,  9 Songs with Mr. Quintron,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Crypt
Willie Cobbs,  Pay or Do 12 Months 29 Days,  Engineer,  Wilco Records
Cruces,  Anna Victrix,  Co-Producer/Engineer
Jolene,  Hells Half Acre,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Sire
HardSoul Poets,  Live at Tipatinas,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Clutch Artery
Vibraswirl,  The Ideal Brain Tonic,  Co-Producer/Engineer , Mondo-Pongo
RAIL,  A Scooter for Jimmy(EP) , Producer/Engineer,  TrollBoy Productions
Habitual Sex Offenders,  From Ruston With Love,  Producer/Engineer,  Chicken Ranch
Chicken Ranch Roundup, One, Producer ,Chicken Ranch
Impala,  Kings Of The Strip, Engineer, Estrus Records
Greasetrap, Greasetrap, Producer/Engineer, Catspaw Records
Hanging Francis, Hanging Francis, Engineer, BuyThisRecords

Piece Machine, Singles, Co-Producer/Engineer, 21st Circutry
U2 **, Lemon, Engineer, Def Mix  (remix)
Annie Lennox * , Walking on Broken Glass,  Engineer,  Def Mix  (remix)
Bjork, Big Time Sensuality, Engineer, Def Mix  (remix)
Madonna * , Deeper and Deeper, Engineer, Def Mix  (remix)
Mariah Carey * , Dream Lover,  Engineer,  Def Mix  (remix)
David Morales, Program, Engineer, Def Mix (remix)
Eddie Murphy, What’s Up With That, Engineer, Def Mix  (remix)
Joe Taylor, Joe Taylor, Engineer, New Jazz/Capitol
Dink, Dink, Engineer, Capitol Records
The Party,  In The Meantime In Between.Time,  Co-Producer/Engineer, Hollywood Records
Nicola Mingo, Walking, Co-Producer/Engineer, Blue Flower Records
Blue Stuff** ,  I’acqua E’ Poca,  Co-Producer/Engineer, Reckless Records
Edwardo Benato** ,  Seson Rose Fioriranno,   Co-Producer/Engineer,  Polygram
Frullione*,  Napoli F*ckin Italia,  Producer/Engineer,  Polygram
dogs on ice,  Pushin’ Rope,  Engineer,  C R records
Citizens’ Utilities,  Lost and Foundered,  Engineer,  Mute America
Ernesto Osci** , Sulla Parte Inferiore,  Engineer,  Reckless Record
Fratello*,  Pie’tanza,  Engineer,  Reckless Records
Arrabbiato Nani* , Sviluppo Arrestato,  Engineer,  Reckless Records
Cock’O Drills,  E’colpa Di Jonny , Co-Producer/Engineer Flying Records
Arrabbiato Nani** , La Rabbia se il Fuoco Engineer,  Reckless Records
Rosetta Gioventu** , Danza Mio,  Engineer, Polygram
Thinking Fellers Union,  Mother of All Saints,  Engineer,  Matador Records
Cordsk,  Hear! See! Feel! Taste!,  Engineer,  Emperor Norton
Bonedance,  Blacksky,  Producer/Engineer,  Noise/C.B.S.
Demeter,  Fifty Tons of Black Terror,  Engineer Beggars Banquet

Model Mary,  Feeling Into Matter,  Producer/Engineer,  Bearsville Rec.

Walter Eugenes,  What’s Goin’ On,  Producer/Engineer,  Ocean Records

Hip Heavy Lip,  Entitled,  Engineer,  Stereo Records

The Jennifers,  Nine Days Wonder,  Engineer,  You Say When

Shaq(uille O’Neil)* , Shaq Deisel , Engineer Jive

MultiColor House,  Anxious and Angry Producer, Engineer,  db/Safety Net

Kenny Neil,  Guitar Man,  Engineer,  Alligator Records

Alex Taylor,  Alex Taylor,  Engineer,  Alligator Records

Jeff Howell/Gras,  Dads Blues Junk,  Engineer,  GDP Records

Tex Risley,  Me and My Six String,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  MCA

HardSoul Poets,  Throw,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Fishtone

The VibroChamps,  Stranger Than You Think,  Engineer,  UltraModern Records

Piece Machine,   USA,  Co-Producer/Engineer, Spacefish Records

Heart Attack Diner,  Live Diner,  Producer/Engineer,  Greentree Records

First Baptist Church,  Live,  Engineer

Fifth Column,  Blind,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Figurehead Records

Braille Closet,  Untitled(2 singles PETA Comp.),  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Figurehead Records

Loyd Boldman,  Sleep Without Dreams,  Co-Producer/Engineer,  Outbound Records

Prodigal,  Real Life,  Engineer,  Heartland Records

LeVert ** , The Big Throwdown,  Engineer EMI

Natalie Cole * , Everlasting,  Engineer,  Manhattan Records

Midnight Star*,  Headlines,  Engineer,  S.O.L.A.R.

Zapp * , Zapp II,  Engineer,  Atlantic

Visions,  Visions,  Engineer,  Polygram

Calloway *,  I Want To Be Rich,  Engineer,  S.O.L.A.R.

* Indicates Gold Album Award ** Indicates Platinum Album Award

Engineering and Production:

Freelance Engineer / Producer  Nimbus Productions •  Boulder, CO • 2007 – PresentAudio Engineering for Music Recording • Audio Engineering for Audio Books • Location Recording • Audio and Video Post Production including Mixing in Various Surround Formats • Game Audio Director of Audio/Visual ServicesR.F.C. • Loveland, CO • 2003 – 2007 Sound Reinforcement • Audio Engineering for Music Recording • Audio Editing for CD and DVD Teaching Discs • Audio and Video Post Production • Location Recording • Training and Scheduling of Sound Engineering Staff Audio/Visual Support Services • Studio Management Studio Owner and Manager / Freelance Engineer / Producer Nimbus Productions • New Memphis Recording • Memphis, TN • NYC • Japan • Indonesia • Germany • 1994 – 2003Audio Production for Records and Advertising • Post Production Audio for Film, Video, and Broadcast Studio Management for Multi-Studio Complex • Location Recording • Mixing in 5.1and 7.1 Surround Formats Production for Three 6 Mafia, B.B. King, 8-Ball and MJG, The B.B.C., The Tennessee Mass Choir  Chief Engineer and Studio ManagerDiscovery Sound Studios • Naples, Italy • 1992 – 1993 Audio Production for Records • Post Production Audio for Film and Video Sound Reinforcement for Touring Music Acts • Scheduling Studios and Engineering StaffProduction for Blues Train and Edwardo Benato  Freelance Engineer / ProducerTrollboy Productions • Atlanta, GA • NYC • 1991 – 1994Audio Production for Records • Audio Production for Radio and Television Advertising  Post Production for Video and Film • Mixing in 5.1 Surround Format. Location Recording Live Broadcast for Radio • Created and Operated Production Company • Audio Production for Records and Advertising • Sound Reinforcement for Touring Music Acts • Director of Recording Engineering Chief Engineer5th Floor Productions • Cincinnati, Ohio • 1985 – 1987Audio Production for Records and Advertising • Post Production Audio for VideoProduction for In-House Advertising Agency • Clients Include Tyson Chicken and Toyota USA Production for Ohio Players • Natalie Cole • Midnight Star • Aretha Franklin • LeVertTeaching: Sound Reinforcement and Studio Engineering ClassesResurrection Fellowship • Loveland, CO • 2003 – 2007Created, Directed and Taught Sound Reinforcement Course. Researched, Selected, and/or Created Teaching Materials. Guest LecturerS A E Institute • Milan, Italy  –  University of Memphis • Memphis, TN • 1998-2002Guest Lecturer for Music Production and Engineering Programs. Director of Discovery Sound Reinforcement ProgramDiscovery Studio • Napoli, Italy • 1993-1995Created, Directed and Taught Sound Reinforcement course. Researched, Selected, and/or Created Teaching Materials. Scheduling of All Classes, Classrooms, Studios, and Instructors. Freelance InstructorManhattan School of Audio and Video • NYC • 1992-1993Taught Music Engineering and Production and Post Production. Director of Recording Engineering/Production ProgramFull Sail Center for the Media Arts • Winter Park, FL • 1988-1992Designed, Implemented   and Taught Recording Engineering and Production Curriculum.  Researched, Selected, and/or Created Teaching Materials and Texts. Taught Lecture and In-Studio Portions of Classes. Created Facility and Instructor Schedules Including all Studios, Classrooms,  and Coordinating with Professional Arm. Responsible for all Aspects of the Program Including Budgets, Lesson Planning, and Hiring of Instructors. Served on Schools Curriculum and Budget Committees.  Aided  in Preparations for Accreditation Process by ACCSCT and SBICU. Taught as Guest Lecturer  at University of Central Florida and Rollins College in Conjunction   with each Schools Respective Music Program.  Lectured in other Full Sail Courses Including Sound Reinforcement, Advanced Engineering and Production, and Tapeless Studio.  Participated in Recruiting Programs. Created and Ran Own Production Company During Tenure. Director of Introduction to the Recording ArtsFull Sail Center for the Media Arts • Winter Park, FL • 1989-1992Re-designed, Implemented, and Taught Curriculum for Introduction to the Recording Arts Program. Scheduled   Lecturers and Facilities. Researched and Selected Teaching Materials. Responsible for all Aspects of the Program Including Budgets, Lesson Planning, and Hiring of Instructors. Education : University of Kentucky ,   Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts   Universita Centro Studia Italia da Napoli                   Associates Degree Recording/ProductionM.A. Recording Engineering and Production                   19811974-1992    Memberships And Awards: Member National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences Member Audio Engineering Society  
15 Platinum Album Awards.  29 Gold Album Awards.  10 Addy Awards.