Altitude Recording Studios, Studio Construction Specs:

High end, semi-green-built , new construction studio, was built “from the ground up” addition to an original  homestead farmhouse. Located on a one acre close-in foothills site only 15 minutes from Boulder, CO.

8″ thick insulated concrete forms (ICF) poured walls.
Semi-floating suspended steel girder ceiling with one foot thick mineral wool insulation.
Energy efficient radiant floor heating heated with common boiler also used for domestic hot water. Passive solar. No vent noise or dry air from a furnace.
Semi-floated main studio hardwood laminate floor, floating drum iso booth floor.
All  custom made exterior grade solid oak doors and Pella architect Series windows are floated / isolated, as is the interior 2×6 wall framing which is also insulated for sound. Great foothills views from the studio, which change by the season, or it can be closed down  to create a darker “club like” environment.
Commercial grade electrical system, wired using a 200 foot deep single common ground  for lowest hum, further utilizing all metal conduit-shielded wiring, with no romex used, for minimum radio interference. All hospital grade outlets were used throughout, and a voltage filter, voltage stabilization, and surge suppression is also used. All of this was done in order to obtain lowest noise floor levels possible and hence the quietest tracks possible.
Double layer ¾” 12′ drywall used throughout in addition to concrete walls for no wall vibrations. .
No formaldehyde glue was used in construction, and low emission VOC stains were used.

Room Dimensions:
Main:  27′ x 21′ x 13′ ceiling height
Drum / Iso Room 1:  10′ x 6′
Iso Room 2 / full bath:  10′ x 6′
Iso Room 3 / entry:  8′ x 6′
office / Iso Room 4:  12′ x 11′  
Studio B  / Iso 5:  20′ x 8′
Additional Iso Room 6:  12′ x 9′
An approximately 20′ x 30′ two story addition is planned for the future but the excavated area is temporarily an outdoor patio for the studio.