Altitude Recording’s Neve 5116 vintage 24+8, 8 bus analog recording console, also known as a “Neve Baby V”, is Colorado’s only VINTAGE NEVE CONSOLE. It delivers warm, huge, punchy, deep sounding tracks. No digital board comes close. Amazing results are also possible by mixing your digital or home studio tracks or mixes through this board and/or outboard gear. Perfect for either tracking or mixing, everything just sounds better through this console. Great for drums, guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards, or anything else you want to record! This console was the flagship of the 51 series audio console range, with 8 subgroups and 2 pairs main stereo outputs. All 24 inputs and subgroups are provided with a 4 Band Neve Formant Spectrum Equalizer, high and low pass filters, direct outs to Pro Tools, and a limiter / compressor / gate.  Outputs 1+2 are the original Neve summing output transformers, and outputs 3+4 are API transformers from an API Legacy console. Modified Neve Kingshill power supply, with voltage stabilizer.



Avid Pro Tools 12.7 HDX  Digital Audio Workstation, with high resolution 32 bit floating point recording and 64 bit processing. 

32 analog channels of  Avid HD I/O 192 KHz converters and limiters

2 channels of Apogee PSX100 24 bit / 96KHz  A/D D/A converters with dithering and Apogee Soft Limit

2 channels of hardware outboard Waves L2 converter / brickwall digital limiter

MAC PRO computer, 5,1 dual 6 core / 12 core with 30″ Mac Cinema Display.  Rolling cart with HD shortcut keyboard and quad mouse

Formats include WAV, SD II, AIFF, MP3, Quicktime Video, Sound Resource and more at up to 192Khz resolution. Can import Reason and Logic files.  

Toast 10 

Many Pro Tools AAX  64 bit plugins, see plugins list

Digidesign 8 channel Command 8 Pro Tools controller with moving faders automation, direct plug ins control, transport, etc.  


Genelec 1031A nearfield monitors with selectable Genelec 1092A subwoofer

Polk Audio Real Time Array Series, 7 way tower monitors  

Yamaha NS10m nearfield monitors with Bryston 3B power amplifier

All premium quality Canare and Mogami speaker wiring



24 Neve mic / line preamps onboard the console

2 Neve 33135 Preamps / Equalizers, Neve guru Geoff Tanner custom-modified, with original vintage

Neve 1081 Marinair transformers.

12 Neve 31105 preamps rack custom built by Dan Alexander Audio, similar to Neve 8078 console pres.

Focusrite Red 7 Mic Preamp / dynamics / de-esser

Great River MP-2MH dual preamps, with 2 1/4″ instrument DI’s

Speakeasy vintage tube stereo preamp and DI for keyboards

Motion Sound R3-147 dual tube Leslie style preamp, with internal rotating miked horn


24 Neve compressor / limiters / gates on the console

Summit DCL-200 Tube Dual Compressor / Limiter

API 2500 Stereo Bus Compressor

Tube Tech SMC2B stereo Tube Multiband Mastering Compressor

Urei 1176 Blackface limiter

2 DBX 160 Compressor / Limiters

Focusrite Red 7 Mic Preamp / Dynamics

Drawmer DS 201 stereo gate

Manley Vari Mu dual tube mastering compressor / limiter

Two Empirical Labs Distressors, one with British mod


24 Neve 4 Band Neve Formant Spectrum Equalizers on the console

Millennia Media NSEQ2 tube mastering dual topology EQ with Telefunken tube

2 Neve 33135 Preamps/Equalizers, Geoff Tanner modified w/ Marinair transformers from Neve 1081 pres

2 API 550B Equalizers


Eventide H3500 sampling Ultraharmonizer

Eventide GTR 4000 Ultraharmonizer

Eventide Ecclipse multi effects

Lexicon 300 reverb / multi- effects

Lexicon PCM 92 reverb / multi-effects

Lexicon PCM 90 reverb / multi effects

Lexicon PCM 41 delay

TC Electronic M5000 Audio Mainframe with 2 engines option and mastering option

TC Electronic TC1210 Spatial Expander, Stereo Chorus and Flanger

Yamaha SPX 90 multi-effects




2 Neumann vintage U-87, one is Bill Bradley modified

2 Neumann KM-184

2  Earthworks SR 77

2 AKG 414 B-ULS vintage

2 AKG 414B-XLS modern reissue

5 Sennheiser 421 Mark II

2 vintage AKG 451 E with vintage CK1 capsules

1 vintage AKG 451 EB with vintage CK1 capsule

1 AKG D112

6 Shure SM57

2 Shure SM58

1 Royer R-121 ribbon mic

1 vintage RCA 74B ribbon mic

3 Nady Ribbon mics

1 Blue Baby Bottle

1 Audio Technica AT822 stereo mic

3 Shure field mics for location recording with Shure 4×1 field mixer

Various small vintage radio and harp mics, Shure Green Bullet, etc


DW Collectors Series kit with Keller shells and RIMS mounting:   Sizes: Toms: 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″ kick

Yamaha Recording Custom Series kit:  Sizes: Toms: 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 24″ kick.                                     22″ RCS kick also available

Snares: DW 6″ Collectors Series wood snare, DW 4″ brass piccolo snare, Yamaha Recording Custom Series 8″ wood snare, Briechle 5″ snare,    

Other rental snares available by arrangement

Cymbals: Zildjian and Sabian

Hardware: All Yamaha hardware: 2 snare stands, 3 sets of cymbal stands, several hihat stands, 2 double kick pedals, single kick pedal, 1 remote hihat stands and extra custom Yamaha stands available.

Miscellaneous: Large collection of acoustic percussion instruments
Vintage 70’s Gon Bops Congas, Timbales, LP Matador Bongos
Tama Octobans, set of 8

Electronic Percussion: DDrums set with double kick pads, 5 toms, and midi cymbals. Two Roland Octapads, Alesis D4 drum module, Roland R8M drum module with extra sound cards.  Additional 3 DDrum and 7 Trigger Perfect acoustic drum triggers. 

Other kits available for rental with advance notice, or bring your own



1977 Marshall MK2 Vintage Lead 50 watt head, and JCM 800 4×12 cabinet, with 4 x 25 watts each Celestion vintage speakers, 2nd Marshall 4×12 cabinet.

1965 Fender Deluxe vintage blackface 1×12 , refurbished by McClean Amplification to original factory specs.

1965 Blackface Fender Super 4×10

1960s custom Blackface Fender Tremolux combo 2×12

Mesa Boogie Mark IIB  1×12

Roland Jazz Chorus JC 120  2×12

Bogner Alchemist  1×12

Pair of Gibson Skylarks, mid 1960’s vintage

Marshall Class Five tube 5 watt 1×10


Other rental boutique guitar amps available by request



PRS SE Santana Electric Guitar

Casio MIDI guitar made by Ibanez

G+L Telecaster

Custom stratocaster

Johnson clone of vintage National Slide guitar



Digitech GSP 2101 Tube Preamp and Effects with floorboard

Boss Octaver OC2

MXR Phase 90 vintage

Boss Chorus CS3  

Proco Turbo Rat

ElectroHarmonix DR Q Envelope Follower

MXR Distortion + vintage

Boss Compression Sustainer CS3

ElectroHarmonix Big Muff PI Ronsound modded

Heil Talkbox

Boss Metal Zone Mt2 Keeley modded

Boss analog Flanger BF 2 Garmopat modded

Ibanez Ts9 Tubescreamer with TS-808 and Brown mods

Boss DD6 digital delay

Analogman BiCompressor

Ditto Looper




SWR SM900 vintage “pre-Fender” tube preamp bass amp  / DI / EQ/ limiter

SWR MoBass tube amp / DI with remote effects floorboard

SWR Goliath II 4 x 10 cabinet, and SWR Goliath II Big Ben 1 x 18 cabinet

ART SGX Nitebass vintage tube bass preamp and processor

Sansamp Tech 21 Bass Guitar DI

Tobias Toby 5 string fretted bass

Custom “Andy Irvine model” Fender parts 4 string fretted bass

Spector Euro LX 5 string electric fretted bass

Michael Tobias Designs / MTD 4 string fretless bass

Fodera clone 6 string fretted bass

Johnson National Steel clone resonator guitar

Dunlap Cry Baby bass wah pedal



Rhodes 88 vintage Mark 1 suitcase electric piano

Korg Kronos II 73 key workstation / sampler / vocoder 

Korg Triton Studio Extreme 88 weighted keys workstation

Korg CX3 version II (Hammond B3 clone)                                                

Motion Sound R3-147 Leslie tube preamp, internal rotating speaker

Hohner Clavinet w/ vintage E-7 case, custom rebuilt with vintage D6 interior

Korg M50                                                                                                        

Korg Microkorg XL with vocoder                                                             

Yamaha KX 5 keytar                                                                                        

Lync LN 1000 Keytar                                                                                       

TOA KD3 and Barbetta rehearsal keyboard amps                                         


Oberheim Matrix 1000

Digitech Studio Vocalist

Korg Wavestation A/D

Studio Electronics SE1 programmable rack Mini-Moog bass synth




4 Sony MDR 7506 Headphones                                                                                                                                  

 2 Sony MDR 7502 Headphones

3 AKG 270 S Headphones

7 AKG 240 Headphones

2 Vic Firth drum isolation Headphones 

1 Sennheiser HD 420 SL Headphones

5 additional basic AKG headphones  

HHB CDR 850 CD recorder

Tascam DA-45 HR, 24 and 16 bit DAT recorder

Nakamichi MR1 cassette deck

Furman headphones system w/ HDS main unit + 6 HR6  mixing stations

Behringer PowerPlay PRO XL Headphones amp (backup system)

2 Furman AR20 II 20 amp voltage regulators, filter and spike commercial  grade protectors


Rean and Switchcraft TT patchbays, with Mogami wiring and Neutrik and Switchcraft connectors, all Mogami TT patch cables.


ADL (Anthony Demaria Labs) Stereo Tube DI

2 Groove Tube Tube DI’s

Radial Pro passive DI

Radial X-amp reamper box

Motion Sound R3-147 stereo tube rack rotating miked speaker/Leslie  preamps for B3 organ                      

Sansamp Tech 21 Bass Guitar DI          


Pro Tools 12.7 HDX can also import earlier version Pro Tools sessions, and converts PTF or earlier files to a PTX session file.   MP3 and others.  Logic 9 / Logic Pro OMF files. Reason 4.0 .  Other conversions such as DAT to CD or MP3, Casette to CD or MP3.  Propellerhead. 


Primera Bravo II CD / DVD Disk Publisher. Duplicates 25-50 copies of your CD per hour, from either your CD or audio file master, and prints your artwork directly on the CD label. Graphic Artists and / or Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop editing of your artwork or photos is available.  


16 Channel Crest console, Drawmer DS251 dual compressor, Klark Teknik DN332 EQ, Klark Teknik DN 27a EQ, BBE 822A enhancer, Roland SRV 330 multi-effects, QSC power amp, Denon CD player with adjustable pitch, 2 Yamaha 3 way mains, up to 4 Yamaha 15″ 2 way floor monitors. Rehearsals or live jams can be recorded live to 2 or more tracks to any media, generally Pro Tools or CDR .


Please inquire regarding band photos if you are interested in high quality still photos of your sessions. Optional custom Photoshop editing is available. Please inquire about a video shoot for your band in the studio in a music video, with your music in the backround.
Additional services available: Some of our associates include graphics art designers, videographers and video editers, drum or guitar techs, and website designers.    
200 disc backround music Network library for soundtracks or advertising
Other gear available with advance notice, or bring your own.

Laptop:  2012 MacBook Pro:  2.7 GHz Intel Core i7, 16gb DDR3 Ram, 512gb SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024mb, OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks ). Features:  Avid Protools 10, Ableton Live 9 Suite, Waves Mercury Native, Instruments: Traktor Massive, Kontakt,  Guitar Rig 4 Reaktor 5, iZotope: Ozone 5 Iris, Meter Tap Insight, Stutter, Edit, Xfer, Records: (Powerful Tools), LFO Tool Cthulhu, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Arturia Spark, Cakewalk, Z3ta+